What are your goals for lake living?  

There are important questions to consider before settling at a lake.  Texas offers many choices for lake living.  For instance, if you want to use the lake mainly for recreational purposes, then you probably wouldn't want to live on a fishing lake that has a lot of tree stumps.  If you want an overall recreational and fishing lake - Cedar Creek Lake is a great option.  If you want a huge and luxurious cabin cruiser then you want a deep water lake.

Things to consider:

- Do you just want to fish?

- Do you want to be able to ski, wakeboard, jetski, tube, swim, paddleboard, kayak?

- Do you want to just see the water but not go out on it?

- Do you want to own the land or have a long term lease?

- Do you want a sunrise or sunset view?  Or is it all about the breeze?

- What kind of boat do you have?  Is it a fully loaded boat with a rack to pull wakeboarders and skiers or a pontoon boat?  Size and weight are important.  The bigger the boat, the deeper the water you need, and the more expensive the homes are.

- Are you going to live and use the lakehome and/or do you want to be able to rent it out?  Each subdivision has different rules and guidelines and property owner associations.  Some might not allow renting of properties.  It will be important to review deed restrictions.

- If you are in an under $200,000 range would an offwater home with a water view work and a property owners park (POA) with boat launch?